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Protect your organisation with our robust PEP screening solution

Our PEP Screening solution assists organisations comply with their AML compliance obligations.
NameScan PEP and Sanction

Establish Seamless Compliance Processes

Manage your risk and comply with global AML legislation, reducing the likelihood of being utilised for Money Laundering and/or Terrorism Financing

Our Features:


Reliable Data Sources

We provide access to multiple reputable PEP data sources to meet the varying requirements of our users.


Database Updates

Our PEP database is updated daily to ensure that the information that you screen against is as accurate, relevant and reliable as possible.


Batch Screening

Reduce your screening time by uploading a single CVS file with the names of the individuals you wish to check against our PEP database.


Easy to Use

Through a centralised dashboard, you can conduct PEP checks, review your scan history, obtain scan reports and monitor your credit pack orders.


Due Diligence

Conduct due diligence in the NameScan dashboard by determining true matches, documenting decisions and assigning a risk level.


Minimise False Matches

Reduce the number of false matches by entering additional information such as DOB, Gender, Country and Original Script names.

API Integration

API Integration

Clients can integrate our services straight into their own systems by utilising our RESTful API, reducing screening time in the customer onboarding process.


Adverse Media

NameScan uses Fuzzy Matching filters to scan global databases for risk-related articles on the individual or organisations being checked.


Our Filters

Use our custom filters to include FATF Jurisdiction Risk, Web Search and specify a particular Match Rate to reduce false positives.

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What is included in a PEP check?

A PEP check provides you with all the vital information you need to comply with your AML obligations and understand if an individual is politically exposed and if so, what risk do they pose to your organisation.

General Information

Key profile information:

  • Full Name
  • Category e.g. PEP, SIP, RCA, TER
  • Date or Year of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Primary country or location
  • Deceased Date, if applicable

Also Known As Names

Aliases or other names associated with the person.


This is only available for PEP profiles:

  • Title - represents the job Role of the PEP in the particular PEP position
  • Country - represents the country of the government for the political position
  • From - represents the Start date of the term of office in the particular role, where available
  • To - represents the End date of the term of office in the particular role, where available.


All registered or known locations associated with the individual:

  • Country
  • City
  • Address

Linked Individuals

List of persons associated with the individual.

  • Full Name
  • Category e.g. PEP, RCA
  • Description

Linked Companies

Lists any associations with businesses and companies such as founder, executive, associate, shareholder and adviser of the company.

  • Name
  • Categories e.g. SIE
  • Description

Sources and Adverse Media

For each Source:

  • URL - link to the source of information regarding the entity
  • Category - category type of source e.g. PEP, Sanction, Adverse Media, Law Enforcement, ID/V (ID Verification)
  • Date of Capture - date the source article was recorded. This may contain multiple dates where the source was reviewed and recorded.

Web Results

Acquire a comprehensive understanding of relevant articles and publications pertaining to the individual/organisation you are screening from major search engines

FATF Jurisdictional Risk

Jurisdiction risk enables you to evaluate the inherent risks of conducting business with a foreign country or jurisdiction.

Single Scan

Through our single scan feature, individuals and entities can be checked against global PEP data sets. The results that are returned will provide you with a wealth of information that will aid in the onboarding and due diligence processes for new or existing customers.

To learn how to conduct a single scan, click on the demo link below.

Video tutorial
Single Scan
Batch Scan

Batch Scan

Our batch scanning feature helps you save time during the onboarding process by simultaneously checking a large number of individuals against global PEP data sets.

Simply download the template from our help guide and complete with the required information.

To learn how to conduct a batch scan, click the demo link below.

Video tutorial

API Integration

The NameScan API provides an easy to integrate, trouble free and dependable solution that aims to help our clients comply with global AML regulations, whilst reducing the amount of time wasted through inefficient workflows.

Access our comprehensive API documentation to assist your development team with the integration process and utilise our development centre to test our API.

Review API Documentation Developer Center
API Integration


Identify Risk to Your Business in Real Time

Stay ahead of changes in risk status with our Ongoing Monitoring feature, which dynamically identifies updates to profiles, new risk and reduced risk, and sends alerts to notify you in real time. Available through our enterprise solution, MemberCheck.

Automate Your Onboarding Process

Streamline your onboarding process by integrating with NameScan's RESTful API, providing you with regularly updated databases of PEP, Sanctions and Adverse Media information.

High Satisfaction Rates

Comply with regulatory obligations whilst maintaining the highest possible customer satisfaction rates.

Global Customer Onboarding

Implement efficient onboarding processes in a regulated environment.

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