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Benefits of ID Verification

As the world undergoes a rapid digital transformation, it is essential for businesses to adapt and ensure that they remain secure and compliant with regulations. One crucial aspect of this is conducting thorough Know Your Customer (KYC) processes. With NameScan's ID Verification solution, businesses can confidently perform KYC checks in a reliable and efficient manner, safeguarding against fraudulent activities and protecting their operations.

NameScan IDV
Prevent fraudulent Activities

Prevent Fraudulent Activities:

Our ID Verification offers a robust layer of security that shields your business from fraudulent activities, granting access only to legitimate customers who are entitled to use your services.

KYC Process

Streamline Your KYC Process:

Our solution streamlines the KYC process, significantly reducing the time and effort required from both you and your customers. By making the process faster, more efficient and less time consuming, we help you deliver a better user experience while ensuring regulatory compliance and maintaining the highest level of security.

Customer Experience

Enhanced Customer Experience:

By simplifying the verification process, we help you retain more customers and boost your overall conversion rates, all while ensuring strict compliance with regulatory requirements.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance:

Our solution is designed to help you comply with regulatory requirements, ensuring that you meet the necessary regulatory standards for KYC checks.

Step-by-Step Guide for our ID Verification Solution


NameScan’s IDV Service

Head to NameScan's ID Verification service which is accessible through the dashboard. In order to use this service please purchase the appropriate number of verification credits which is available through our pricing page.


Select the Country

Select the country from where your customer is from. This is important because each country has its own set of requirements for ID Verification.


Choose the ID Verification Method

You have two options for ID Verification. You can either perform the ID Verification check on your own, or you can allow your customers to perform the scan themselves. If you choose to do it yourself, you will need to have access to the necessary information to perform the scan.


Facial Recognition Feature

If you want to biometrically verify your customers, you can use our facial recognition feature. This will require your customers to take a picture of their face, which will be matched against their government issued ID card.


Perform the Scan

Once you have chosen the ID Verification method, you or your customers can perform the scan. If you are doing it yourself, follow the instructions carefully to ensure that the scan is done correctly.


Review the Results

Once the scan is complete, the results will be sent straight back to the dashboard for you to review. You will be able to see whether the ID is verified or not. If the ID is verified, you can proceed with your customer due diligence (CDD). If the ID is not verified, you may need to perform additional checks or ask for more information.

NameScan IDV

Secure your business with our reliable IDV solution

Our ID Verification solution offers a reliable and efficient way to perform KYC checks, ensuring that your business remains secure and compliant. With our step-by-step guide, you can easily use our solution to authenticate the identity of your customers and protect your business from fraudulent activities.

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NameScan IDV

Reason for performing ID Verification as part of KYC

KYC processes are critical in preventing financial crimes such as money laundering and terrorist financing. ID Verification is an integral part of KYC as it enables businesses to authenticate the identity of their customers and ensure they are who they claim to be. With our ID Verification solution, you can ensure that your business remains secure and compliant while providing a seamless experience to your customers.

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