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ID Verification

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NameScan IDV

Introducing ID Verification

Powered by MemberCheck

MemberCheck, a sister company of NameScan, trusted by many companies for their AML/CTF needs, proudly introduces Identity Verification (IDV), a Know Your Customer (KYC) solution that verifies the identity of individuals.

Our Features:

Global Coverage

Multiple Country Coverage

Verify the name, DOB and Address of your clients from over 20+ countries.

PAYG Searching

Facial Recognition

Through our facial recognition and passive liveliness detection technology, we are able to verify the identity of your customers beyond reasonable doubt.

PEP & Sanction Screening

PEP & Sanctions Screening

Screen against some of the best PEP/Sanctions databases that are currently available on the market at a cost effective price.

API Integration

API Integration

Easily integrate with our RESTful API to streamline your onboarding process.

Offline Reports

Online Reports

Download reports in the format of your choice to keep as a record of your verification activities.

Comprehensive Datasets

Multiple Layer Checking

Our system creates multiple layers of screening to provide the most accurate verification for avoiding the risk of fraudulent transactions.

Why ID Verification?

AML/CTF compliance requirements
Stop and Prevent Fraud

Digital transformation is rapidly growing alongside the opportunities offered by technology. AML and CTF regulations have established a solid foundation that prevents fraudulent acts in the financial industry. MemberChecks ID Verification is your first line of defence in identifying suspicious accounts and preventing financial and reputational loss to your business.

AML/CTF compliance requirements
Ensure Regulation Compliance

With MemberChecks ID Verification solution, you can verify an individuals name, DOB and Address against trustworthy Government and commercial data sources in real-time.

AML/CTF compliance requirements
Business Growth

Fast track the growth of your business and reduce your customers onboarding time. Use MemberCheck's ID Verification service to verify your customers are who they say they are beyond reasonable doubt

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