NameScan is an online AML compliance service, which provides scanning services against lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs), sanctioned individuals and organisations, persons of special interest and special interest entities. NameScan has two types of data available, both of which provide a global coverage.

1.       Standard Data
This data includes an extensive coverage of global Sanction lists and a consolidated global PEP list, which is growing on a daily basis. This covers the most popular Sanction lists including OFAC, United Nations Sanctions, Australian Sanctions, US Consolidated Sanctions, EU Financial Sanctions, UK Financial Sanctions, Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada) and Bureau of Industry and Security (US) and much more.

2.       Premium Data
This data utilises Thomson Reuters World-Check database. The information includes global sanction lists and a consolidated list of Political Exposed Persons (PEP), their Relatives and Closes Associates (RCA) and persons and entities linked to high profile crimes.

Scanning a person? : All you need is their first and last name. Date of birth is optional and included in the scan if entered. If a person is known by any other names. You can use any of his/her ‘also known as’ names to check for potential matches.

Scanning an organisation?: all you need is the organisation name.

Register with NameScan and Sign In, before you scan, to keep a record of scan results in your history, for easy access at any time.

PEPs and their relatives and close associates (RCA): Detailed profiles of senior PEP, their relatives, close associates and companies they are linked to, from every country in the world.

Sanctions and official lists: over 1000 sanctions, regulatory and law enforcement and other official lists, including those issued by the UN and major government departments, worldwide.

Persons and Entities of special interest: High profile people not on an official list but reported in publicly available sources of being accused or convicted of serious crimes including financial crime, organised crime, terror, trafficking

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NameScan and Partners

NameScan, a member of the Neurocom Group, is based in Australia and provides a publicly accessible online service which enables users to scan the names of individual persons or companies instantly, against Thomson Reuters World-Check database, the pre-eminent global watchlist available today of Politically Exposed Persons, officially sanctioned individuals and persons of Special Interest.

Thomson Reuters, is the answer company and provider of World-Check, which enables professionals in the financial and risk, legal, tax and accounting, and media markets to make the decisions that matter most, all powered by the world's most trusted news organisation. Learn more...

Member Check Pty Ltd provides the secure and comprehensive MemberCheck online compliance service, which enables organisations to scan their entire customer base, of individual or corporate clients, in an efficient and cost effective manner.

NameScan is a member of the Neurocom Group, which also includes:
GPayments - Authentication, Security and Payment Solutions
Member Check - Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Compliance Solutions