Each data source includes:

Global PEP Database
Global Sanction Database
API Integration
Batch Scanning
Due Diligence Workflow
Scan History & Reporting
Adverse Media(Not available via Emerald API)
I need scans.
Packages Price (USD) Cost Per Scan
250 Scans $375 $1.5 Add to Cart
500 Scans $560 $1.12 Add to Cart
1,000 Scans $750 $0.75 Add to Cart
2,000 Scans $1050 $0.525 Add to Cart
3,000 Scans $1440 $0.48 Add to Cart
4,000 Scans $1680 $0.42 Add to Cart
> 4000
NameScan has flexible pricing options for clients with larger than 4,000 scan volumes.
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Multiple credit packs can be purchased and are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. The data sources provided to you are as provided to NameScan from its data suppliers.No warranty is provided by NameScan for the accuracy of the data, or in the transmission or matching of the data through the API service.

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Q. Will I be notified when my credit balance is low?

Yes, you will be notified twice. You will first be notified when you have used 80% of your credits and again when you only have used 95% of your credits.
If your credits are getting low you may wish to top-up your credits by purchasing another credit package.

Q. Will I be notified when my credits are about to expire?

Yes, you will be notified one month before your credits are due to expire.

Q. Will my credits expire?

Credits are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and will expire at this time. Please ensure that all credits have been used before the expiration date as there is no way of recovering or transferring these credits once they have expired.

Q. Can I purchase multiple credit packages?

Multiple credit packages can be purchased at the same time. You do not need to wait for your credits to expire to purchase another package.

Q. What browsers are supported by NameScan?

Chrome, Firefox and Opera are supported.

Q. What happens if I keep getting logged out of NameScan or cannot perform a scan on the dashboard?

If you are experiencing access issues with web based applications you may find clearing your cache fixes these problems. Click here to check instructions on how to clear your browser cache, for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

Q. What is Adverse Media?

Adverse media or negative news, regards unfavorable information about individual or an organisation found from news sources.

Q. What are Due Diligence decisions?

Our Due Diligence decision feature allows you to perform Customer Due Diligence (CDD). CDD is a process used to gather customer data and evaluate the risk category of the customer.
The feature allows you to record comments and assign a risk to each match.

Q. What is manual scanning?

Manual scanning requires you to manually type in the name of each entity that you wish to scan.

Q. What is batch scanning?

Batch scanning allows you to upload a batch file including a bulk of names, which can be scanned simultaneously.
This is an efficient way of performing your scanning and is effective for users that wish to re-scan their entire client base multiple times throughout the year.
Batch files can be uploaded in a CSV or XML format.

Q. What is API scanning?

Our API allows you to integrate with your existing systems to automate scanning during the onboarding process.
Further information about our API including our API documentation and Developer Centre can be found here.

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