Superannuation Administrators

Superannuation fund accounts offer a means for criminals to attempt to legitimise the proceeds of crime and integrate this money into the financial system. Fund managers need a clear picture of client risk and the source of their wealth to mitigate fraud, money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

If your business does not have adequate AML/CFT checks in place, you are exposed to the risk from severe penalties.

Namescan has you covered.

Our service provides a fast and cost-effective means to ensure your clients are free of potential issues, such as Political Exposure (PEP), by providing full KYC checks for individuals and KYB checks for businesses.

Naturally, we offer full compliance with AML laws through ongoing checks, even accounting for regulatory changes as they happen.

Our systems are always fully up-to-date and proactively monitor AML alerts. with the latest watchlists, sanctions, PEP lists and more.


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