Accountants And Lawyers

Lawyers and accountants are often used as gatekeepers to undertake transactions on behalf of their clients, putting them at risk of being exploited by criminals to launder money. The members of these professions will be affected by changes being proposed to the laws concerning Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT).

If you are a lawyer or accountant, when this legislation comes into force you may need to put AML/CFT measures in place to help deter money laundering, make it easier for authorities to find out from where ‘dirty’ money is being sourced, prosecute criminals, seize illegally earned money and assets, and stop crime.

Namescan’s service will ensure you comply with AML/CFT regulations and automate the signup of your customers (KYC/KYB), keep track of their behaviour and reduce your risk to financial crime.

With our service, you can maintain continued compliance with AML laws through ongoing checks, even accounting for new regulatory changes as they happen.

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